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What Are Essential Oils?

If you have ever walked through a field of lavender or enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.
Essential oils provide protection for the plants against environmental threats and also play a roll in pollination. They have been used for centuries for health, beauty and food preparation.

About 20% of plants on the planet contain these aromatic compounds. They are pure plant medicine that can be used in an incredible array of emotional and physical wellness applications.

In order to extract the oil, they either steam distill or cold press the plants. It takes a lot of plant material to make one little bottle of oil, so they are extremely concentrated: 50-70 times more powerful then herbs. For this reason small amounts of oil will have a powerful effect. It is better to use small amounts often then large amounts all at once.

Why Essential Oils?

These oils are one of nature’s most powerful gifts and people have been benefiting from them since the time of the Egyptians. They are the essence of nature’s incredible evolution. They provide simple, safe and empowering solutions that heal and enhance our well being, and are revolutionizing the way that families mange their health because they are both natural and effective.

The oils we sell are 100% pure and unadulterated and are tested far past the levels required for organic certification. The company has instead created their own certification process called “Pure Therapeutic Grade” and works with the world’s foremost essential oils experts to conduct extensive third party testing.

It is an empowering and revolutionary experience to take back control of your own health care in a natural way. There is a wealth of resources available that we will use to help guide you through this process and we have fun with it and make sure you know where to find the information you are looking for. As you experience the oils working, you’ll find yourself developing a greater interest in everything you put into your body, and will choose natural solutions more and more, and synthetic ones less and less. Using the oils is a platform for an entire lifestyle shift.

The company I work with is dedicated to a culture of sharing, education and empowerment. It is one of the most basic human needs to share with others and spend time with others in the spirit of service. In a time when much of our connecting is done screen to screen, the oils give us the opportunity to share space with one another, pass along what we’ve learned, and truly make a difference in other’s lives. Once you try these oils and experience their effects, you won’t be able to help yourself; you’ll have to pass them on!

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